OrderWiz is a very simple and easy to use program for placing and controlling orders.


  • Client-server architecture -supports multiple simultaneous users
  • Very quick and easy to place order -simply select supplier, enter items, unit cost and quantity
  • Automatically calculates totals
  • Supports multiple companies (or departments) with unique order numbers for each
  • Print reports for total orders over any period, per company, and per supplier


(Excl VAT)
Server and 1st user
R 8,999.00
Each additional user
R 2,199.00
Annual Licence Fee - 1st user (this includes all updates) R 2,999.00
Annual Licence Fee - per additional user
R 579.00

Technical info:

  • Networkable
  • Is a client-server application -database may be installed on local machine or on a server. Database will run on any Windows or Linux
  • Database used is Firebird (Interbase). This is one of the big 5, and is robust, secure, fast, low maintenance, very powerful, ...
  • Application comfortably handles many simultaneous users



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